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Specialists in antimicrobial and deodorizing 
products, providing support for "security" and "safety" in our lives Scallow Inc. Natural antimicrobial deodorant Scallow® Antimicrobial effect / Deodorizing effect / Chemical substance decomposition effect / Strong alkalinity≒12.6-13.2pH / Cleaning/washing effect / Insecticidal effect :Halal certification

Scallow has received Halal certification from the relevant organizations.
Halal Certification No.HIP-CH0004

What is Scallow®

  • A 100% natural antimicrobial deodorant that is kind to the environment

    Scallow is a natural antimicrobial deodorant. Made using 100% escallop shell from Aomori Prefecture, it is both safe for human use and environmentally friendly.

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  • Antimicrobial and deodorizing properties eliminate bacteria and odors

    Scallow's antimicrobial and deodorizing properties eliminate stubborn household bacteria and odors, such as those on plates and chopping boards used in food preparation.

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  • Deodorize odors on clothes at their source

    From sweat to foot and stale tobacco odors, Scallow targets undesirable smells at their source.

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  • Safety tests carried out by public institutions have confirmed the safety of Scallow

    Scallow, which is made from 100% natural materials and does not contain any chemical substances, is a licensed food additive.

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